Retail Royalty Challenge with Postpals

I recently took part in a retail royalty challenge by money supermarket. They wanted bloggers to choose a local charity to spend £30 on. This could be through gifts, clothes, food, toiletries etc. The charity I chose is called Postpals. I have supported them for many years and I feel as though I am really making a difference to someone, even if it is just for a few minutes. Postpals is run from hospital beds, so it isn't really local to anyone. However, the charity is amazing and I wanted to help in any way that I could.

About PostPals
Post Pals is a small charity run solely by volunteers who are dedicated to making seriously ill children and their siblings smile by the sending of cards, letters, little gifts, support and friendship.
It was set up in 2002 by teenagers who were all ill themselves. Vikki George had the idea after finding that receiving cards in the post was the only thing that made her smile when bedbound and isolated due to very severe ME. Even today, Post Pals is still run from beds and hospital beds.

The concept is simple… they feature children on the website with a forwarding address, their interests and stories, and invite members of the public from around the world to log on and send cheerful post, as well as sending items ourselves. Volunteers range from toddlers drawing pictures, right up to an 106 year old who knitted finger puppets, and some like much loved Dottie the Dalmatian aren’t even human!

Who I sent gifts to
I chose Jamie B to send some gifts and a card to. Jamie is a similar age to my son and has a little sister almost the same age as my daughter. He had a very cheeky smile, and I thought he looked like a boy with a lot of character.

About Jamie
Jamie was diagnosed with severe long segment Hirschprung’s Disease when he was 3 days old as he was born with a severe intestinal blockage and required immediate surgery.

He has since undergone five further surgeries which were major and to remove more blocked bowel. Jamie has a hickman line and receives TPN and intravenous fluid through this every night.

Jamie also has a permanent illeostomy bag because as a result of his disease, he has short bowel syndrome and not enough bowel to have a pull through procedure.

Jamie has spent at least two years of his life in hospital and is constantly in and out with dehydration and infections. Jamie will hopefully receive a small bowel transplant when he runs out of venous access as his life depends on him having a central line.

Jamie is a very happy, lovely boy who copes fantastically well with his illness but I feel he would be so pleased to receive some post from people. It would really cheer him up when he is poorly.

What I bought
After reading Jamie's profile, with his likes and dislikes, I chose a Hexbug ant for £8.99, a Spiderman zoom n' go bike for £9.99 and a LEGO surfer rescue set for £5.49.
Hexbug antSpiderman zoom n' go

 I also bought something for his two sisters. A One Direction poster book for his older sister for £3.99, and a funny faces sticker book for his younger sister for £2.

Total spend: £30.46

Funny faces sticker bookOne direction poster book
What I saved

The books I bought were from WHSmith and were buy one get one half price, so I saved £2 on the books.

The Hexbug was in a sale in our local toy shop, down from £10.99, and I was cheeky and asked for a student discount on the other items. They don't technically do a student discount, but gave me 10% off when I explained who they were for, which saved me £1.55. 

Total saved £3.55

parcel packed and ready to go

I only found out about the challenge a few days before the end date. Had I found out sooner, I would have had more time to check out other prices and save money in other areas.

I am sure you agree that PostPals are a fantastic charity, and I have to thank Money Supermarket for the £30 to spend with them. If you ever want to make a difference to a child who is poorly or needs a bit extra cheering up, please checkout their website. There are so many children whose day you would make better by sending a gift or a card.

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Disclosure: I received £30 from money supermarket to spend on a charity of my choice.