Taking time out for you - by super savvy me

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Take Time Out
Caring for children is a full-time job. Yet this particular profession doesn't generally allow for a lunch break, let alone the flexibility to actually leave the office. Full-time motherhood can present a number of challenges, not least the ability to recognise the importance of personal time.
The repetitive nature of childcare chores creates a bubble of toddler entrapment that can leave many mothers feeling drained and depleted. Unfortunately, in this line of work it’s highly unlikely that anyone will emerge from nowhere and suggest that you take a tea break. It is therefore crucial to take responsibility for your own well-being by engineering your own means of regular escape.

Take charge of the situation
In order to take good care of your children you need to ensure you take good care of yourself. Identifying what sustains and refuels you, both physically and emotionally is the first step. Ensuring that you secure the necessary time and space in which to fulfil those needs is the second.
Time away from your children can take a variety of different forms. It doesn’t need to constitute a complete day. Sometimes a snatched few seconds can work wonders for restoring your resources. The chances are that you will need to enlist the help of others to ensure uninterrupted time to enjoy your chosen activities.

Getting into a routine
Rather than relying on a very rare treat, such as an unexpected half day spent  with a friend, why not consider less elaborate, yet more consistent means of escape. A few times each week, ask your partner to take the helm for half an hour. Pamper yourself in peace with some favourite skincare products behind a bolted bathroom door. Alternatively, enrol in an exercise class and enjoy like-minded company. Time away from the family home can provide essential space to replenish depleted resources.

Making an arrangement with a friend who is in a similar scenario can also provide some precious personal time. Take it in turns to care for your children and allow both of you to benefit from alternate time to yourselves. A childless few hours will allow you to complete chores in peace without consistent demands and disruptions.

Reduce the stress of food shopping on a budget by scouring the aisles unhindered. Alternatively, you could simply enjoy the sanctity of some much-needed sleep. However you manage to secure some time to yourself and however you choose to spend it, rest assured that your efforts will reap rewards for both you and your family.
Disclosure: This post has been brought to you in association with super savvy me.