The Village Bakery Rye Bread Review

I was recently sent three different types of rye bread to review by The Village Bakery. I have to admit that I hadn't ever tried rye bread before. However, my sister who was staying to me at the time is gluten intolerant and regularly eats rye bread. It was very good timing because we were able to share the bread.

The Village Bakery - Rye Bread

What they say

Here at Village Bakery we make our delicious Organic breads without cutting any corners. We use the best natural ingredients, add a little water and let our doughs rise slowly because we firmly believe that time = flavour. The result – a wholesome, natural loaf made with nothing more than time, patience and an uncompromising attention to detail.

The Try Rye Lunchtime Challenge provides a simple way to enjoy lunch and stay full and satisfied all day. By simply replacing your usual lunch choice you may start to feel a whole wealth of health benefits, including a reduction in bloating and increased energy levels.

Eating rye bread helps to increase satiety - feelings of fullness - to suppress hunger and the desire to eat. Including rye bread in your daily diet can therefore help to support a healthy weight loss or weight maintenance, as you feel fuller for longer and therefore have less desire to eat.

Good points

Really nice tasting bread. My favourite was the one with seeds on, closely followed by the coriander rye bread.
It definitely left me feeling fuller.
I didn't have any bloating or pain. I haven't been eating bread recently because this has been causing me too much discomfort.

Bad points

It is slightly harder than normal bread, but this didn't put me off at all.

Would I buy it?

If it was available near me then I would definitely consider buying rye bread. It is a great alternative to my usual bread and I definitely felt that I was fuller after eating it. It is available to buy online, so I might include it the next time I do an online order.

For more information, check out Village Bakery's website.

The Village Bakery - Rye Bread

Disclaimer: I was sent this bread for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.