Week 54 - What has made me happy

What a tough beginning to the week! Who knew having two wisdom teeth out and a general anaesthetic would have me feeling pretty rotten for five days! The girl was also ill last week, a sickness bug wiping her out for a day. She didn't let it stop her causing havoc though, she managed to break our oven rather spectacularly on Wednesday. She also managed to break our camera yesterday! Strangely I am more upset about the camera than the oven. A new oven will have to wait until I get my student loan in October. The only thing I am really missing is baking. Luckily our George Foreman grill has been helping me out with the cooking! 

By the end of the week I was starting to feel better. My husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, which seems like a really long time for a 31 year old! We celebrated with a trip to Swinton Park, a place we have visited many times before and it almost feels like home when we return. It was great to take the children with us and we went to Lightwater Valley yesterday too.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Celebrating ten years of marriage. It's not bad considering I met my husband when I had just turned 17! I have a wonderful husband and I really should tell him more often.
  • Watching the boy enjoy the grounds of the castle we were staying in and seeing the deer grazing in the morning from our bedroom window.
Swinton ParkDeer grazing
  • Walks in the woods with family. The children were on an adventure hunting for dragons, trolls and frogs.
Walking with daddyExploring the forest
  • Treats! Since it has got hotter we are eating more ice cream (to keep cool obviously). This was the girl enjoying some chocolate ice cream in Masham.
  • I went to a 40th birthday on Friday night and the cake was amazing! It was a really good night and felt great to be out with friends.
Chocolate ice cream40th birthday cake
  • Watching people on rides that we couldn't go on! This one looked amazing. It was surprisingly tame at first glance but once it got going the screams indicated it went pretty fast! 

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What has made me happy