Week 55 - What has made me happy

 What a week! After the downer last week and recovering from surgery, this week has been absolutely fabulous! The kind of skip-hopping down the road whilst singing a song about birds and sunshine kind of fabulous. The week started normally, except that the sun shone. It really does make such a difference. As the week progressed I saw my son win four out of four races at his sports day. I was so proud! I also managed to achieve second place in the mum's day race at sports day and am already in training for next year! This week I also found out that I am being made redundant, which couldn't come at a better time. I am on a career break at the moment and this will enable me to afford to stay at university next year. We might also be able to upgrade our kitchen! Before I run away with myself, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Sunshine! It makes everything look better. This beautiful flower looked great contrasted with the blue sky!
  • A very cool train ride across the sea!
  •  Time with friends. These are my two children and my friend's two children who are the same age. I love their shadows holding hands.
  • Amazing views. We stayed in Arnside Youth Hostel this weekend and had a fabulous time. The beautiful old building looks out onto an amazing estuary and the views are stunning. 
  • Sniggers! We had a lovely meal in a pub called Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. The playground was fantastic and meant the children could all play while we ate our tea.
  • Celebrating my husband's birthday. With my oven out of action, I had to buy him a cake. This one tastes amazing!
  • Finding my daughter wearing my brand new patent red stilettos. She can walk better in them than I can!
  • Our first strawberries! Not sure how many more there are, but these tasted good.
  •  Swans on Lake Windermere. I had no idea how big they were until they stood up!
  • This beautiful train crossing in Grange-on-Sands. I ran across because I am a wimp!
  • Passing my exams! I seriously doubted that I had passed, but in fact I passed with a 2:1, surpassing all of my expectations!
  • Stunning sunsets. This one turned the estuary golden outside our Youth Hostel! Absolutely breathtaking.
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What has made me happy