Week 57 - What has made me happy

This week seems to have flown by. The children have enjoyed that their friends have been off school too, so they have all been able to play together. I was relieved to finally have a weekend at home. I ended up spending a night at my Grandma's at the weekend. We haven't visited in a while and both the children and I love it there. It is just such a relaxing house and it is nice to be able to help out with the B&B side of things. Our son loves serving guests their breakfast. It makes me slightly nervous that their breakfast will end up on their laps, but it is hard not to let him help! So, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • The mixture of sun and heavy cloud has left us with some really dramatic skies. I love it when the sun's rays peek through the cloud, reminding us that it is still there!
  • Wildlife. The children have been trying to find the eggs which the childminder's hens have been laying all around her garden. Each day is a new egg treasure hunt!
  • Watching busy bees getting as much pollen as they can from the flowers in full bloom.
Hen on a wallBusy bee
  • Going down to the river near my Grandma's. The children ran as soon as they saw the water.
  • We caught little fish and then walked over the stepping stones in the background.
Running to the river Fishing in the river
  • We were sent some limited edition royal baby memorabilia by Persil. It made me examine my Grandma's royal memorabilia china collection. She has loads and it was really interesting to see. The one at the front of this picture is from when Prince William was born.
Royal baby limited edition
  • Bubbles over the fields. The children whooped, squealed and ran around chasing them.
  • Sunset, beer and a book. A seriously relaxing Saturday evening.
Bubbles over the fieldSunset
  • Picking fresh produce from my Grandma's garden. The peas taste so sweet, and I swear the boy ate about a pound of raspberries straight from the bush!

Picking peasPicking raspberries

  • These amazing sweet peas from my Grandma. The smell is absolutely delightful and is filling my kitchen.
Sweet peas

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