Where to shop for quality children's clothes

With two children to clothe, I am forever on the lookout for cheap clothes for the children. I regularly shop on ebay and in our local charity shops. I am also incredibly lucky that my daughter gets fantastic hand me downs from a friend. However, I am quite fussy and really like them to have good quality clothes. When my son was younger I stumbled upon an amazing French brand of clothes, Catimini. Their clothing is amazingly good quality, brightly coloured and great designs. I ended up buying items on ebay fairly regularly because they were such good quality.

I was pleased to discover kids clothes by K&Co who have some beautiful clothes and at affordable prices. They also have the very handy option of being able to spread the payments, interest free. I thought that makes everything far more affordable. They also have a wonderful range of clothes, from perfectly affordable to designer clothes. I particularly like their basic range, you can get five t-shirts for £17.00 which seems very reasonable.

I really love this girl's dress, which is priced from £13.00. I think this would be perfect for a party or special occasion such as a wedding. There was so much choice for the boy, but I really love these pirate pyjamas, they look fantastic and my son would love them! They are priced from £19, but for my four year old son would cost £22. The variety, in price and choice is fantastic and I would definitely have a look if you are on the hunt for clothes for your children.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.