A Des Res for your Dolls

Play houses for dolls have been popular with children and adults for centuries. These wonderfully detailed toys never go out of fashion and if your children have some homeless dollies look no further than WoodenToyShop’s magnificent selection of Le Toy Van wooden dolls’ houses for a dolly des res!
Cherry Tree Hall (pictured above) is Le Toy Van’s deluxe dolls’ house which has rooms on four floors if you include the attic space that can be easily accessed by the removable roof. Unlike many other dolls’ houses, Cherry Tree Hall has rear windows which shed additional light into its rooms. Six of the front windows are adorned with working wooden shutters, while two beautiful arched windows sit above the wooden front door. To the side, window boxes are filled with flowers on each floor, while inside the house, wooden staircases connect the floors, each of which have been decorated individually. With six rooms and the extra space in the attic, this magnificent miniature house has enough space for all of six rooms in the Daisy Lane furniture range.

Our customers’ most popular dolls’ house is Sophie’s House. This pink and white wooden dolls’ house also has working shutters, window boxes and a removable roof with additional play space in the attic. As with all Le Toy Van houses, it sits on a rigid and robust wooden board which can be complemented with a dolls’ house play mat which adds a garden, vegetable plot, garden shed and swimming pool to your dolls’ house. Fans of this dolls’ house also love Sophie’s Car, a trendy wooden convertible that is supplied with matching luggage!
Of course, a house is not a home until it is fully furnished and filled with those sounds that every family makes: shouting, crying, laughing, barking (well, if there is a pooch or two) and running around the house in the course of daily life.
Le Toy Van offers two families for your dolls’ house: the Family of Four and My Doll Family. Both of these feature four wooden dolls: mum; dad; brother; and sister. Each of these dolls is fully dressed in modern clothing and each doll has fully moving limbs so that they can sit, stand, run or even drive - if Sophie’s car is about.  As for that barking, well the Pet Set brings a dog and cat into your dolls’ house.
When it comes to furnishing your dolls’ house, the aforementioned Daisy Lane range comprises six sets of deluxe wooden furniture for the following rooms: kitchen, drawing room, sitting room, master bedroom, bathroom and children’s bedroom. These delightful sets are filled with beautifully detailed furniture such as a kitchen range, ‘real’ fireplace with mantelpiece and mirror and funky bunk beds.

Those of us who enjoy extending our domestic space into the garden will appreciate the Outdoor Playset, the Patio and Barbecue Set and My Garden Grows. These wonderfully detailed accessory sets let the little ones enjoy al fresco play even when it’s raining!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.