Have you ever thought about having your milk delivered by Milk & More?

When we first moved into our new house a year ago, one of the first things I noticed was being woken daily by the milkman delivering milk to our neighbours. I find it an oddly comforting sound. The gentle clink of bottles as the bump against each other. Milk floats seem to be a thing of the past around here though, the milkman opting for a 4x4 to get around the country lanes more easily. I have yet to sign up for deliveries though. We are often away for random days of the week and I am not sure about milk sitting outside in the summer.
However, I have been looking online for milk deliveries. I was initially drawn to Milk&More. Their service includes free delivery  and their website, as the name would suggest, offers more than just milk. In fact, the range is impressive. They cover bread and milk to seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes. To be honest, you could very nearly do your weekly shop with them! The price is great too, certainly very competitive when compared with supermarkets.

They deliver six days a week and their online service also looks fantastic. It doesn't take long to choose what you want. I also think it is important that it is easy to update the dates when you are on holiday. Another excellent point for me is that you can change your order up to 9pm the night before your order is due.

Your milkman will be the same person, not a different person every day. I think this really adds to the personal service. Unfortunately they don't deliver to my postcode, but I will keep my eye on their site to see if this changes in the future! To check out if they deliver to your area, have a look at their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.