The new Chosen By Kids range at ASDA

Last week my son and I were invited to ASDA's head office in Leeds to try out their new range of food, Chosen By Kids. There are 180 products in the new range, giving ideas for every meal. When we got to the head office, the boy was quick to spot the monster footprints leading the way into the building.

ASDA Chosen by KidsPacked lunch from ASDA

When we entered the building, there were a variety of monsters, although, as the boy pointed out, none of their feet looked like the footprints on the floor! The whole range was out in front of us, cleverly split into different areas, denoting breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I was intrigued to see the lunch range because the boy starts school in next week and it will be good to send him with a varied diet, rather than just sandwiches every day.

ASDA picnic hamperPorridge with berries

This was part of the breakfast and snack range. There are golden syrup porridge pots which are child sized and have thermal packaging, which means that the outside is kept cool, so that little hands are protected from the heat inside. It is this attention to detail which is a winner in my eyes. The fruit range can also be used in lunch boxes. I particularly liked the pineapple lolly, it looked really appealing, and saves parents having to cut pineapple up into lolly-shaped pieces.

mini tomato wrapsWheat and white mini bagels

Both of these options looked fantastic to fill lunch boxes and are an excellent alternative to sandwiches. They are a great size for small hands and wouldn't be too overwhelming. The tomato wraps looked delicious and I might well buy them for me too! The boy loves it when we have fajitas, so I am sure he would love to have wraps for his lunch.

BBQ chicken and riceHappy stars

I was impressed that the microwave meals actually looked appetising. I have served up other well know children's microwave meals on the rare occasion that we don't have time to cook, and I have been ashamed with what I have put in front of the children. The BBQ chicken and rice looked fantastic and I would be happy to serve that up for tea for those days when you simply don't have time to do anything else. The Happy Stars were also delicious and my son's favourite were the carrot and potato waffles. I like that these count towards your five a day. ASDA has definitely done well with hiding vegetables in food on this occasion.

Here was the boy's final verdict on the range that he tasted! I think we will definitely be buying some of the products from ASDA in the near future.

Yum! ASDA Chosen by Kids

The amount of time and effort which has gone into the preparation of these products is mind-blowing. The whole range has been independently tested by children aged four to eight. Then mums have given their approval, safe in the knowledge that they are serving up nutricious and tasty food to their children. The range meets government HFSS criteria, and many of the products include cleverly disguised fruit and vegetables. The attention to detail is amazing and I think that the range really is going to be a huge success. Stores have started stocking the range and you will see more on the shelves in the next few months.

Disclaimer: We were invited to ASDA head office to try out their new range in return for this post. This had no impact on the post, which is honest and fair.