The Photo Gallery - Pets

The Photo Gallery - Week 155

These are our two cats, Bruce and Bella. They used to be our babies, before the real, noisy, filthy variety came along. They are sister and brother and we got them from the local cat rescue centre when they were kittens. Before we had children, we had so much time for them and they were adored. Now they have to fit in. They dislike our children immensely and spend most of their time hiding in various places around the house. Anywhere where there are no children! But bless them, they are nearly always together. They wash each other, play, fight and are there for each other.

They are about to turn eight years old and both still love each other dearly. When I was first pregnant with my son, Bella knew. She knew from about five weeks in to the pregnancy. She had never before like to sit on your lap, but all throughout the pregnancy she sat on the ever expanding bump and she has continued to enjoy cuddles ever since. 

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