The Photo Gallery: Play

The Photo Gallery: Week 152

My children play together. Mostly they fight, squeal, tell tales and bicker. But they do play. Seeing them play together is one of the greatest feelings in the world. They love each other. The girl copies the boy's every move. She doesn't fail to tell tales on him the second that he brushes past her though.

Climbing fences
It is only in the past few months that they have started playing together properly. Hide and sink, pirates, mums and dads. You name it, they now play it. This picture was taken last weekend at my Grandma's, their Great-Grandma's. The pair of them are thick as thieves there. They gang up together, giggling secretly and then refusing to talk to grown-ups! In the picture I think they might have been plotting to take over the world! Clambering up the fence and looking out onto the fields and hills beyond. I wonder what they are thinking.

I only hope that the pair of them will continue to play well. To grow together and be great friends.

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