Week 59 - What has made me happy

This week we have been on holiday! It has been lovely just having a break from being at home. The weather was warm every day, even though it wasn't always sunny. The children have got into the swing of speaking French, the girl happily declaring 'Bonjour' to anyone around her. Unfortunately, my husband has had a chest infection all week, so has been feeling rather rotten. Subsequently, it was less of a break than I had hoped for, but it couldn't be helped. I managed to drive a left hand drive car with almost no confusion, although I had a bit of trouble remembering which door to get in! It feels cold now that we are back in the UK. We arrived to a dull and rainy Liverpool airport earlier. Luckily the sun came out once we got back to Yorkshire.

Here we go! Here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Being up in the sky! The children loved the flight. I am glad, because last time the flight was a nightmare.
  • The weather wasn't great for the first few days, but after this rainbow it cleared up and was wonderful.
View from above the cloudsRainbow after the storm
  • Weird and wonderful animals and fish. These were both in the local aquarium.
Ancient lizardAxelotl
  • Time out together. The children have mainly got along and it has been nice just to spend time together.
  • Going on old rides. We went to a Victorian village which has amazing vintage fairground rides which are all still working.
Fishing for ducksVintage fairground horses
  • Looking around at the old buildings. I hadn't ever noticed this bike shop before, it wasn't short of customers!
  • Amazing cakes and pastries. I love French food!
Old shopsPastries and cakes
  • The local wildlife. There were lots of lizards, or crocodiles as my daughter called them, around. This young one was lounging on our doorstep.
  • Looking at a hornet's nest doesn't sound like fun, but it was incredibly intricate and beautiful.
  • My daughter took a shine to a dead beetle which she carried around for the week. Unfortunately she tried to use it as a key and it's head fell off, which was the end of a wonderful friendship.
Lizard on doorstepHornet's nest
  • Beautiful weather and a pool to cool down in. Perfection in a holiday!
Sunshine in France

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What has made me happy