Week 60 - What has made me happy

This week has passed in a whirlwind of activity. Last Tuesday we returned from France. Luckily both children were fine on the plane and we were home from the airport pretty quickly. We have had family staying with us which has been hard work, but great for the children to see their grandparents. Next week is set to be non-stop too as we venture down to Wales this evening to visit my mum for a week!

What has made me happy this week is:
Getting to try the CBeebies app before most other people! We had a fantastic day out and you can read our write up here.

Walks in the park. It is nice to be home again with the park at the top of the road. There weren't any children's parks nearby in France and the children have missed the swings! It has been great to see the boy on his bike. I think he's not far off getting a proper bike!

CBeebies Playtime AppWalk in the park

Staying at my Grandma's to help out with the horticultural show in her village. She didn't win a cup this time but still got plenty of first, second and third places. The boy also got third place with his entry so he was very happy.

The boy's new best friend. He took this caterpillar everywhere for a good couple of hours. They rode bikes together, played with LEGO and, well, then he went missing (presumed dead) and the boy  was heartbroken.

He also had a butterfly sit on his finger for ages which was pretty impressive. Full circle for the caterpillar perhaps?

Caterpillar on handButterfly on hand

Playing hide and seek. I can't think where the girl is hiding!

Hiding behind a rock

Going to visit the Yorkshire Dales ice cream farm. We go far too regularly but this time there was no-one else in the big kids play area, so we popped in and played. Jumping in this big pit of foam was brilliant fun!

Our cats using the children's playhouse as their own. The cats don't like the kids, so in the day they spend their time in the playhouse, out of the way!

Foam pitCats hiding in playhouse

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What has made me happy