Week 61 - What has made me happy

This week has been spent at my mum's house in the Brecon Beacons. It has been so nice for the children to enjoy having a garden to play around in. At home we have a smallish back yard, so it is hard for them to run around. My mum has more space and, once we had the gate safely pinned shut, the children were free to roam, cause havoc and ride bikes. We took my Grandma down with us as her family live nearby and she wanted to visit and grab a break from running a B&B.  We have been on plenty of walks by the canal and gone for visits to the local park. My mum organised a party and we got to meet lots more family, including my second cousin's ten week old baby, who was very cute. We also got to take part in the village show, the boy impressing us all with his sporting prowess! My husband and I came first in the three-legged race and I managed second in the sack race too.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week:
Mushroom spiderCourgette vegetable

  •  The vegetable animals my children made for the village show. The one on the left is a spider, made by the girl and the one on the right is, well, who knows, but it looks cool. You can't quite see it's amazing cauliflower tail, but rest assured it is fabulous.

Apples growing on treesBlackberries

  • Crumble ingredients, growing all around. Apples on the trees and blackberries in the hedgerows. The boy has had a great time picking them all.

Teepee in gardensunshine on canal
  • Putting up my sister's teepee in mum's garden. The kids had a great time playing in it!
  • Sunshine. I love the way the sun was reflecting off the canal.
Fresh hazlenuts

  • Collecting fresh hazelnut from the trees. The boy was collecting them for squirrel nutkin! I have to admit to never having collected hazelnuts before.

    • Walks in the countryside. Although this particular one took rather a long time due to two slightly stroppy young children, it was beautiful and still relaxing.
    Elephant hawk-moth caterpillarPaper boats on the canal
    • Meeting weird creatures. This is an elephant hawk-moth caterpillar which had scrunched itself up to look like a snake when I moved it off the main path. It had a very scary looking spike on it's bum.
    • Making paper boats and launching them into the canal. Really simple, but great fun!

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