Are your neighbours good friends?

We have lived in our house for eighteen months, and in North Yorkshire for just over ten years. When we first moved up here, the difference in how friendly our neighbours were was incredibly obvious. I don't think I ever even met my neighbours in the house I shared in London, which at the time didn't seem odd.  I didn't smile at people on the tube, and I even had a train carriage empty when people saw I had a nose bleed once. Not one person offered to help!

When we first moved up North, I remember being slightly freaked out that one of my neighbours brought my washing in because it started raining and I was at work! There was a wine club for the few streets we lived in and neighbours regularly got together and socialised. It was really nice. But we were only renting, so stayed for a year. The neighbours on the street our first house was on was lovely. We knew most on first name terms, they looked after our cats when we were on holiday and they watched our house when we were not there. Now, on our third street in the same town, the neighbours are equally friendly and we know many of them on first name terms. Again, they help out with the cats, we take in parcels for each other and socialised with street parties last year!

I was interested to see this infographic created by insurers Swinton, who carried out research for the regional good neighbour championships. It definitely seems like there is a North/South divide, which is certainly my experience. I love living here, where you know your neighbours are friendly, you feel safe and children can play out in the back streets. How about you? What is your neighbourhood like?

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