Summer family fun!

This summer, our family holiday was a bit rubbish. I know you're not meant to admit to such a thing, but it really was. We are incredibly lucky that my aunt has a house in France which we are able to use in the summer, which means free accommodation and therefore a cheaper holiday. In fact, we haven't actually been on a 'proper' family holiday ever, you know, one where you get on a plane, stay in a hotel near a beach, which has entertainment and activities for children. So this summer, we boarded the plane all excited, albeit after a hideous night's sleep in a room at a hotel at Liverpool airport. My husband had a bit of a cough, but we didn't think much of it. However, seemingly as we landed, he looked unwell. He had a chest infection and really should have spent the week in bed. Unfortunately, the house is in the middle of nowhere, so I was struggling to entertain the children alone, meaning my husband had to leave his sick bed to help me out. I felt so guilty. We did have a nice time, it just wasn't as relaxing as I would have liked. The children had a fabulous holiday though, so it didn't have an impact on them!

 This summer we also went away to a Youth Hostel in Arnside with friends of ours. It was a fantastic weekend break. It didn't cost much, so we had some spare cash to spend on wine and eating out! We were out all day by the sea with the children, had pub lunches and came back to the Youth Hostel for dinner. Yes, the accommodation was basic, but we were with friends, and sleeping in a bunkbed is actually quite exciting, even as a grown-up! It is surprising what makes a fabulous holiday and doesn't have to cost the earth. Let's be honest, the main thing which is important is that you are with people you like to spend time with and you can relax and have a great time.

So this summer, our favourite getaway was the cheapest, but it contained friends, family, laughter, seaside, activity and good food. A perfect combination if you ask me.

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