The Photo Gallery - Back To School

The Photo Gallery - Week 156
Back to School

Well for us it wasn't back to school, but starting school for the very first time. The boy was nervous. He said he was worried that he would be shy. We asked what we could do to help him and he just said he needed cuddles and kisses. We could absolutely manage that! On the morning, he got his slightly oversized school uniform on and we walked down with him. Luckily it was a day which my husband has off every week, so he was able to come with us. The girl was rather excited and wanted to go with him. We managed to get her back from the classroom, gave the boy cuddles and left him sitting on the mat with his friend from nursery.
First day at school

He is only at school for the morning, so we went to pick him up at 11.30. He'd had a great time! Relief swept over us and we walked home happy. I have struggled to come to terms with the fact that he is starting school and that this is his life now until 16 or 18! But it is a new chapter, and luckily one which has begun well.

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