The Photo Gallery - Selfie

The Photo Gallery - Week

I was nervous about this week's theme. I very, very rarely take pictures of myself. Why would I? I know what I look like. In fact, because I am usually the one taking pictures of my family, I tend to be missing in the majority of our photos. So here I am! This is me, my selfie. Taken yesterday morning on my phone in our spare room. I must admit that I really like it. Are you allowed to admit to liking a picture of yourself? Who knows, it's a bit late now anyway!

I think hitting my thirties a couple of years ago coincided with me finally being confident and happy about the way that I look. It seems a shame that you have to wait so long in life for this, but I am glad I reached that point. I don't really wear make-up or use any facial creams, I haven't seen a need yet. Maybe I will in a few years!


So this week's gallery theme gives you an incentive to go an see what everyone else looks like! Click on the image below to head over and see what a beautiful bunch of bloggers are out there.