Week 63 - What has made me happy

What has made me happy - week 63

What a week! The boy has started school, so it has been a week of change. Getting used to a new routine has been harder than I thought, and it will all happen again when I start back at university in a few weeks. My daughter is also having to get used to going to the childminder's alone. It must be rather odd for her. I think she is dealing with it by asserting her authority over other children! She seems to have cracked potty training, well, the wee side of it anyway. I am so proud of her, because we have only really been trying for a couple of weeks. Accidents are becoming few and far between - long may it continue! The weekend was tough. I guess the children are getting used to so much and were happy to see each other, but it meant that they were absolutely hideous this weekend. I am desperately hoping I don't see such awful behaviour again.

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Cows in mistCobweb with water droplets
  • There is a chill in the air, which makes for some really beautiful mornings. These cows were in the field next to the childminder's and the sun looked gorgeous as it rose.
  • The perfect little droplets on this spider's web on my wing mirror as we set off early for the day.
Scooting to schoolDappled sunlight
  • The boy is settling into the school routine already. Here he is scooting in on his third day.
  • Dappled sunlight shining through the trees. It already has that autumnal feel to it. I am looking forward to those cool, crisp days with gorgeous sunlight!
Sleeping schoolboyFat cat asleep
  • School has worn the boy out though. This weekend he slept at lunchtime, which never normally happens. Looking at him sleeping is so wonderful.
  • I love how cats sleep! This is our boy Bruce and he often spends his time lying on his back with feet in the air.

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What has made me happy