Week 64 - What has made me happy

Another week has passed by without me starting work on my dissertation and I am beginning to panic a little. I need to go into university to visit the library, but I don't seem to have a day when I am able to go at the moment. Hopefully next week I can drive over. We have had nearly a week of not having a cooker or hob. The plumber did his part, but we need the electrician before we can actually cook properly again. We bought a slow cooker today, so at least we can actually cook some fresh meals. I still haven't quite got into the swing of the school run. Most days I turn up without having had any breakfast, or having not yet dried my hair! Hopefully once I am back at university we will get into a routine quickly. Well, to be honest, we will have to!

However, I seem to be grumbling a little, which is unlike me, so I had best get on with what has made me happy this week...

Iced gemsKitchen demolition
  • Discovering that my daughter doesn't like the biscuit part of iced gems! It made me giggle when I came back and found them lined up like this.
  • A bit of demolition work. Aside from dropping a hammer on my foot, I did a good job and made enough space for the new oven to slot into. 

Misty hills in the morningCanal in the morning
  • Early mornings. The first picture of the mist on the hills makes me very aware that autumn is here!
  • The second picture was taken on my way to Blog Summit Manchester, which was fantastic. Really useful, amazing and inspirational speakers made it an excellent event. 

Sheep benchCow in Yorkshire

  •  We went on a lovely long walk on Sunday morning and discovered this sheep bench, along with this lone cow eating grass in a field.

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What has made me happy