Week 66 - What has made me happy

We seemed to have squashed absolutely tons into this week, which is good. The fabulous weather has really helped with getting outdoors and having fun playing in autumn leaves. I also introduced my children to the delights of conkers and acorns, which we had fun with some googly eyes! The boy has started to get completely worn out by being at school. Half term cannot come soon enough for him!

I have one more week before I am back at university and I can't believe how quickly my summer break has passed by. It has been fantastic when I compare it with last year and my husband's broken elbow! I haven't done any of the things I had hoped to with my blog, but I have had an awful lot of fun with my children, which totally makes up for it.

We fitted in two festivals this weekend, Yarndale and the Skipton Puppet Festival. Both of which were absolutely brilliant in very separate ways. I have had a great week. Here is what has made me happy:

Acorn facesConker in shell
  • Making acorn faces with the children. All you need are some googly eyes and a pen for great fun!
  • Finally finding conkers which are ready. Until now all the ones we have found have been white.

First haircutAutumn raspberry
  • The girl's first proper haircut. She sat still beautifully and didn't fidget or moan. I was incredibly proud of her!
  • Fresh autumn raspberries from my Grandma's garden. So sweet, tender and delicious!

Giant Punch and JudyStag puppet
  • We went to a puppet festival this weekend which was fabulous. Some of the puppets were terrifying (giant Punch and Judy) but others were stunning.

Giraffe puppet
  • My absolute favourite puppet was this life size giraffe. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I can only begin to imagine how much time it took to create.

Autumn coloursPlaying in leaves

  • All of a sudden autumn is upon us, resulting in some amazing colours. Only a week ago this tree was completely green!
  • My children adored playing in the leaves. We collected lots and are planning to do some painting with them. We also collected a rather huge spider by accident and I had to get a neighbour to come and rescue me by getting it out of my house! I am such a wuss.

Yarndale buntingEaster Crochet Wreath
  • Yarndale. My daughter and I went on Saturday morning and it really was fabulous. I didn't get much chance to actually stop and just look at stalls, but the amount of effort which had been put into it was astounding. 
  • It was also really lovely to see Lucy from Attic24's colourful work in real life. This Easter wreath is absolutely beautiful and I cannnot begin to imagine how much time it took to make!

Yorkshire Dales

  • I don't think I really need to say much about this picture. Only that living up here makes me blissfully happy. I love hills and I will never, ever tire of this scenery.
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What has made me happy