Week 68 - what has made me happy

Wow, this week has been back to university with a bang. I had forgotten how much having to think hurts your brain! I had also forgotten just how far away it is and the commute has come as a bit of a shock. Luckily I am only in two days a week this term, so I don't have to travel too much. It has also been a slightly frustrating week. I spent two days last week cleaning and emptying my kitchen because my dad was coming up to demolish our current kitchen. Unfortunately my dad was unwell and had to go home rather than carry out the demolition! Hopefully we will manage to get it done before Christmas. I have also somehow managed to come down with my first ever bout of fresher's flu, which seems a little unfair as I have never actually had a chance to be a fresher! However, it has been really great to catch up with friends and find out what every one has been up to this summer.

Here is what else has made me happy this week...

Watching EpicLog burner
  •  Sitting down and watching a film together as a family. We watched Epic, which was really magical and had both children really enjoyed it.
  • Being able to light the fire now that the temperature has dropped. I still haven't got the heating on in the day yet, but I am sure it won't be long.
Yorkshire Dales sunsetSunshine over the fields
  • I have found a new gate to take pictures of! This makes me happy, and possibly shouldn't!
  • The sun setting in the autumn is so beautiful. Something about the colour of the light and the intensity.
stuck mattressdiscovering a fireplace
  • Attempting to move a King size mattress by myself resulted in it getting firmly stuck! The children and I ended up having to crawl under it to get to the bathroom. Rest assured that it is now in the intended place up in the attic!
  • Finding a wonderful old fireplace in our kitchen was very pleasing. The soot which fell down was less pleasing!  
PlaitMaking bread
  • I finally managed to get my daughter to let me plait her hair. It only lasted about ten minutes, but it did look beautiful.
  • My son made bread at the children's centre this weekend. I was very proud of him making it and he enjoyed eating it for lunch!
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What has made me happy