Week 70 - what has made me happy

Aside from some rubbish news from student finance this week, it has been a good week. I feel like I am starting to get control back again, keeping on top of university work and other things I need to do. It is a relief to feel well again and crack on with work. We went away with my best friend and her family this weekend which was really wonderful. We stayed in a new youth hostel and it was excellent. We have yet to stay in a bad youth hostel! This week I only need to go into university once due to strikes by the teaching staff, which I understand, but are still slightly frustrating when I am paying for their teaching.

Anyway, I digress, here is what has made me happy this week...

Yorkshire Dales sheepCountryside traffic jam
  • I had a lightbulb moment on Wednesday last week. Just looking around at the scenery and realising how much I love living up here.
  • Coming across a countryside traffic jam. These cows were on their way to be milked and they looked in a bit of a hurry to get there. I don't mind being held up by this kind of traffic jam, in fact, I positively love it.
Childhood obesity readingFoco coconut water
  • Starting work on my dissertation, which is on whose responsibility childhood obesity is. It's really interesting, although slightly depressing!
  • Trying new things. I drank this coconut and pomegranate water in the common room the other day and it tastes delicious.
  • Some beautiful sunrises. I love the way the sun peeks over this hill in the morning.
  • Watching the childminder's chickens. This cockerel was trying to impress the hen, but she was having none of it!
Gathering leavesFishing for pond life
  • Time away with family and friends. We went to a Youth Hostel in the National Forest to celebrate my birthday this week, you can read my review here.
  • We had great fun outdoors, including a fantastic game of off-ground tag and a mammoth leaf-throwing session! 
Reflections in a puddle
  • This reflection in a puddle. Making the most of looking at the beautiful things in an ordinary and slightly depressing puddle!
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What has made me happy