Monsters University Tablet Review

We were recently sent a Monsters University Mike and Sulley Tablet for the boy to try out. He was ridiculously excited when he saw it (there is a video of the first time he played it near the bottom of this post). It is a great toy which has phrases and music from the film incorporated into it. I was impressed with the packaging, there wasn't too much of it and it was really easy to get into, unlike so many toys these days. It is very user-friendly and both children were able to play with it very easily. It is a great size and very colourful and appealing. I liked the music option and the catch me game. My son loved finding the numbers and I was impressed with the speed that he found them! The boy really loves it and now calls it his ipad. He often asks to play with it and it is becoming a favourite toy.

What they say
Welcome to Monsters University!
With this sleek and light tablet your tot will learn colours, numbers and all about their favourite Monsters University characters.
Accompanied by Mike and Sulley themselves, your child will discover six various and fun game modes, such as find, colours, quiz, numbers, catch me and music.

The tablet features fun phrases and music from the movie.

Learning benefits
Helps identificiation of colours
Teaches numbers and quantites

Observational skills

The Mike figure is not included, my son placed it next to the tablet.

Good points
Very user friendly
Simple for children to play on.
Great for learning colours and numbers.
Small portable size.
Colourful and appealing to children.
Good fun to play with and there are enough games to keep your child entertained.

Bad points
When you get something right, it makes a noise as if you have got the answer wrong, which is a little confusing at first.

Would I buy it
This retails at £22 and I think it would make a fantastic present for a Monsters University fan this Christmas. I would definitely buy it, knowing how much my son loves it.


Disclosure: We were given this tablet for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.