Santa's Steam Adventure at the National Railway Museum

Yesterday we were invited to the National Railway Museum in York to try this year's experience to meet Santa. We have been twice before, in 2011 and 2012. I took my two year old daughter, a very good friend and her daughter, who is also two. We arrived at the museum not long after 10.30am and got straight in to enjoy all the engines.

Santa's Delivery Depot

 Since I was a little girl, I have always been a little bit obsessed with the National Railway Museum. There is just something about the fabulous smell of engine oil and these wonderful old engines which have so much history. Both girls had a wonderful time exploring the great hall. Although, as always, one of their favourite things to do was to sit in the Thomas the Tank Engine rides and pretend they were moving! My daughter also had far too much fun on the bridge inside, walking up and down many, many times. At least I now know I only need to take her to a bridge any time we are stuck for something to do.


We had lunch in the Dining Car restaurant and the food was absolutely delicious. It was fairly expensive, just over £12 for me and my daughter, but it meant we only needed to eat sandwiches for tea at home! As part of the Santa Special, you are entitled to a free coffee or tea per adult and a juice and festive biscuit for the children.


I was excited to see what magical adventure we would be going on this year. Also, it was the first time my daughter was really old enough to actually enjoy meeting Santa!

We went through the entrance to discover a magical wonderland. There were presents, lights and festive treats everywhere. 

We were told that we were going to help Santa, because the elves hadn't been able to. My daughter really enjoyed collecting the envelopes and she did it very quickly. I should really make the most of her ability to want to help more at home!

We both enjoyed posting them. There were loads to collect and it took about five minutes.

After we had helped the elves, we headed to the steam train. The girl was excited about getting on the train and soon snuggled down on a cushion on the floor underneath some warm and snugly blankets. 

The interactive story was good, we had to find pieces of a jigsaw and join in singing jingle bells. As it was a school day, unsurprisingly the majority if the children were under four but they were all entertained by the team

Last year when she meet Santa, she burst into tears, so I was really hoping this didn't happen again this year. Luckily she surprised me. After being initially a little bit shy, as soon as I reminded her that Santa needed to know she wants a scooter for Christmas, she rushed forwards and lost all her nerves!

My only slight criticism is that the toys both our children received were rather young for them.My daughter got a set of stacking cups for 12+ months. I guess that is always going to be a problem when your child is nearly at the next age group!

We had a really wonderful time. It really is an experience which your children will not forget. Both my daughter and her friend were absolutely giddy with excitement after the trip. They were both asleep within five minutes of getting in the car to go home!

This is running until Christmas Eve (there is a price increase on that day). Tickets cost £11.50 for children, £7.50 for adults and Under 1's are £3. To book your ticket, have a look at the National Railway Museum's website. Tickets include a trip to see Santa, a present and festive snacks and drinks for adults and children.

Disclosure: We received our tickets free of charge for the purpose of review, but all opinions are my own and are honest and fair.