Week 71 - what has made me happy

This week was half term for us. My son was tired and really needed a break. He also got to go to the childminder again with his sister and he has really missed her, so that was a real treat for him. There was a strike at university on Thursday, which meant that I had a whole day at home and got loads of university work done, which makes a change! On Friday my husband and the boy went down to London for a boy's weekend, visiting grandparents and family. It was my first time alone with my daughter for the weekend and the first every time both my boys have been away together. I really, really missed them. The girl was a bit lost without her brother, and he refused to speak to her on the phone, which didn't help!

Us girls went to my Grandma's on Friday night and had a lovely time visiting. It was pretty cold though, so we had to stay in the kitchen and play in there where the AGA was warming the room. When the boys came home on Sunday we were all very happy to be back together, and the boys had both had a great time!

Here is what has made me happy this week...
ButterflyMilitary service certificate of exemption

  •   Finding a butterfly inside the house. This was the second one I found in two days. Both had been resting in the sunshine on the windowsill.
  • My Grandma finding this military service certificate of exemption. It was my great grandad's and was signed in 1918. Without it, I might not have existed!
Ice on a veluxScraping ice off the car
  • Although it has been very cold, the frost has been very pretty.
  • Although I will have to remember to put my gloves on to scrape the car clear again!

Gingerbread menTwo year old painted nails
  • Making gingerbread men with my daughter. Although she wasn't very patient! She did a very good job of decorating them too!
  • It all went a bit quiet during our Halloween party. I discovered my daughter had painted her own nails. I couldn't be angry really, because I was so impressed with what she had done. She managed to open the varnish, paint her nails with both hands, not spill any and was blowing on them to dry them. Instead, I offered to paint her nails properly the next day!
Pumpkins and a fireSpider cupcakes

  • I was very proud of my pumpkins this year. I didn't want to do a scary face this year, so opted for bats with the moon in the background and a spider in it's web.
  • I also made spider cupcakes for our Halloween party. I love these, so simple to make but so effective!

  • This chicken's fantastic view. The sun was just coming up over the frosty hills.
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What has made me happy