Week 72 - What has made me happy

Another week over. Sometimes when I write these posts it makes me even more aware of how ridiculously fast life goes by. My daughter was ill last week with a very high temperature. It didn't turn into anything, but the temperature alone was rather worrying. I am so very grateful that we have a wonderful local hospital only five minutes drive from our house who run an out of hours GP service. It really does take the worry out of such a situation. I have finally made an actual start on my dissertation and I shall be posting my survey on childhood obesity in the very near future, I am just tweaking it at the moment! My stress levels have fallen a little and I have chosen my essay questions for all my assignments which are due in early December. I feel like I am taking control of the stress...hopefully!

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Bare treesDawn sky
  • The leaves falling off the trees leaving them naked and ready for the winter. The colours are starting to disappear and leave just bare branches.
  • Amazing mornings. Whilst the afternoons have been pretty rainy, the mornings have been rather spectacular. I love the cloud formations.
Sushi menuSushi
  • Going out for sushi with my sister. We went to Asakusa in Mornington Crescent and it was absolutely fantastic. We ate way too much but it really was delicious. I even had Sake wine, which was interesting. 
Mumsnet BlogfestCuddling Cats
  • On Saturday I went to Mumsnet Blogfest and I really enjoyed myself. You can read my review here.
  • When I got home I found my lovely cats snuggling up together. It makes me so happy seeing how much they love each other.
Sunlight through leavesVapour trail 
  • The sunlight shining through these golden yellow leaves. My son spotted these and told me it would make a good picture. He clearly has a good eye for such things.
  • There must have been something in the atmosphere on Sunday but it was making all the vapour trails from aeroplanes really huge. The contrast against the beautiful blue sky was fabulous.
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What has made me happy