Christmas tips from Brighthouse

Sound the klaxon. Christmas is next week people. Next week! Only a few days.

I think you probably get the idea. Christmas is very, very soon. I am giddy. Like a unicorn sprinkled in fairy dust. I love Christmas so much. I love giving people presents, spending time together, drinking champagne and eating chocolate. What's not to love. There is something so very magical about this time of year. Perhaps I have yet to grow up. Who knows. All I know is that I love it!

However, I don't like the logistics of Christmas. The planning, the packing, the making sure everything is in the car because we won't be able to travel home for it, the timings. So, when I was shown the Christmas Kitchen interactive infographic from BrightHouse, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that nearly everything I could possibly need is there. There are timings for the day, tips on how to organise your fridge, even some amazing ways to remove stains.

I have yet had to cook a Christmas dinner because we haven't ever had Christmas in our home before. We alternate. One year at my mum's house, in Wales and one year at my Grandma's house in North Yorkshire. When we are at my mum's house, either my sister or my mum cook. At my Grandma's then either my mum, my Grandma or my sister cook. I don't really know why I have always been spared the cooking, but I am grateful for the spare time (spent chasing my children around)! I think we might have to try the snowmen canapes on the site, and the parsnip and apricot roast sounds delicious too, even to a meat eater like me! 

There are some eye opening tips about how to reduce food waste this Christmas. I would definitely recommend planning your meals and only buying exactly what you need. Otherwise you end up over-cooking and wasting so much food.

We head to Wales on Friday. Let Christmas commence!

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with BrightHouse.