Fireman Sam Rescue Receiver review

We were recently sent the Fireman Sam Rescue Receiver to Review. This is an emergency services receiver, you are asked to help find characters from Fireman Sam to help you out. This was an instant hit with both children. It is interactive and educational. We are big fans of Fireman Sam in our house, and have both the old and new on DVD. I still prefer the one I watched when  I was little, but the kids love the current version more.

What they say
Your little ones will need to keep their Rescue Receiver handy to be ready to help Fireman Sam and his friends as soon as there is an emergency.
The handset features fun sounds and emergency messages, such as ‘Who needs help?’ In discovery mode, tots can hear each of the characters talk.
Alternatively, in quiz mode, children will learn all about Fireman Sam and his friends and learn about colours and numbers at the same time.
Make sure they are ready for action!
Teaches numbers and quantities
Develops colour recognition
 2 years +

Good points
Great fun 
Both children (2 and 4) enjoyed finding the colours and the quiz mode
Uses all the characters from the show
I like that it lights up when you are called to an emergency

Bad points
It doesn't have an off button, which is slightly frustrating and means that it carries on talking even when the children have finished playing with it. This means I can't leave it in the toy box in their bedroom in case it sets off when they are asleep!

This retails at £12.99 and would make a great stocking filler for a Fireman Sam fan this Christmas.