I want to treat my family to a holiday abroad because of their patience over the past few years. #MarkWarnerMum

For the past two and a half years, I feel as if I have put my family in second place to my education. Possibly because I have. It has been really hard work being at universtiy, not least because I have to work hard when I am there, but the strain it has put on our family financially and logistically has been bigger than I ever imagined. Yes, there have been benefits, like being able to spend this summer with the children, but it doesn't stop me feeling guilty for the past few years. 

This is my final year though, the end is in sight. I would absolutely love to be able to treat my family at the end of this, to thank them for all their support, patience and understanding whilst I have been at university. That is why I am entering to become a #MarkWarnerMum. I hope that my graduation ceremony is the start of spending far more time together.

When I was younger, we were incredibly lucky to get to go abroad on some wonderful holidays with my Aunt. Some of my earliest memories are of our holiday to Jamaica, playing with tiny crabs on a beach and the sun setting as we were stuck on a hill with a broken down car. I wrote only the other week about learning the birdie dance in Portugal when I was four. Some of the best holidays we had were with my dad, camping in Wales with our good friends. I remember there being lots of laughs, adventures on the beach and barbecues outside in the sunshine. We went to Devon every year with my mum and spent our days on the beach, or in adventure playgrounds. Quite often we were free to roam our surroundings, which was brilliant.

My children are lucky, their great-aunt has a house in France, so we have been there nearly every year since my son was born. It has everything we need for a holiday, along with all the home comforts we need. It doesn't really feel like a holiday because we are so used to it and I would love to be able to take them on a proper holiday, by the sea, or up a mountain. Either would be really amazing. 

My husband and I last went on a holiday to the sea nearly six years ago, before the children arrived. A last minute change of plan took us to Miami, where my husband went to university. It was a wonderful holiday, really chilled out and warm. Really warm. We were there in January, so it was a perfect getaway for the time of year. I am so glad we got to go on a fabulous break before the children came along.

We also attempted skiing around seven years ago. My Dad took us to France for his 60th, which was slightly farcical. I had only skied once, age nine, and my husband never had! I remembered how to get onto ski lifts, but that was where my knowledge ended.

We ended up at the top of a mountain, in our jeans, with skis and literally no idea what to do. It was really good fun watching us try though and, aside from my husband knocking my sister over, it was pretty accident-free. Amazingly we managed to get to the bottom of the mountain, albeit slowly. I imagine that my children would happily fling themselves off the top of a mountain!

We love being together and having adventures together, trying new things and pushing our comfort zones. I have just started trying to vlog more and really enjoy photography. I think these could be utilised if we were chosen. We would love it if you could take a leap of faith with us so that we can have a wonderful family holiday together. (I also love the sound of a night out with the other lucky bloggers)!