Meet Mommie Again - SocialFab's Annual Virtual Gift Exchange

For the first time, I thought I would take part in a virtual gift exchange. What is this sorcery I hear you ask? How can you give a virtual gift? Well, you write about a fellow blogger, giving them and their blog a shout out. Raising awareness of them and what they do. I found this really interesting, because not many UK bloggers signed up, so I got to look at a fabulous blogger from across the pond.

So, I would like to introduce you to Kim, who is a mommie again, bringing up her grandchild. She blogs at Mommie Again and pretty much covers every topic you can imagine! Her blog is full of knowledge and inspiration and she has the same favourite season as me, although she calls it fall and I call it autumn. We both love the warmth and colours (I also love that it is my birthday then!).

Kim is a keen crafter and loves spending her time stamping and making paper craft. Her recent post on her grandson's fourth birthday party shows how a party should be done. It looks like Brody definitely has some crafting skills too. My son would very rarely sit and draw or paint at his fourth birthday, although he loves drawing now.

Kim has a bucket list, something I wish I had put together. I have ideas about mine, but nothing in practice! She also loves to travel, and I was amazed at how huge the bear she saw in Alaska was. I am looking forward to reading her travel posts, especially when she finally gets to go on that trip to Disney World!

There is absolutely no way that Kim looks as if she is in her 50's. Seriously. If I looked that hot now I would be happy!

So here are her details. Go and check out her fabulous blog.