MyHigh.St Christmas Wish List

I haven't told anyone what I want for Christmas this year. Mainly because I have absolutely no idea what I want. So, when I was asked to create a wish list from MyHigh.St, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to peruse the site to get some inspiration of what I would like!

However, after my Grandma's diagnosis of bowel cancer last week, which I wrote about here, I thought that actually, I would rather make this Christmas extra special for her. So here is my Christmas wish list for my Grandma.
MyHigh.St Christmas Wish List
1. Owl lampshade £52 
This would look fabulous in one of the guest rooms at my Grandma's B&B. She is still carrying on working, because she doesn't want to cancel bookings!

2. Organic giftbox £35 
Because she could really do with some treats right now, and I can't think of much better for her than chocolate and tea!

3. Colin the crab oven gloves £12.50
She hasn't ever used oven gloves, rather she has an old tea towel that she uses instead, which has a tendency to burn fingers!

4. Garden Trading bulbs and seeds in slate - £15 
Somewhere to store her seeds and bulbs would be great, although she has joked that she isn't going to bother buying the seeds for summer next year because she won't be here.

5. AGA Cream Cake Tins, Set of 3 £29.99 
Twice a year my Grandma enters the horticultural show and the one in spring is predominantly about baking. I desperately hope she will still be here in the spring and that she will be well enough for us to bake together. These would be perfect for when we get the cakes out of the AGA.

6. Watch this Space Necklace from the Hollow Hoops Collection £26
Ok, you caught me out. This one is for me. I really quite like it. So if anyone who is reading would like to buy me a gift, this is the one for me. I love the colours and the vibrancy.

We are incredibly lucky where we live that we have lots of local independent shops on our high street, and plenty of tourists to spend money in them. However, it is fabulous to be able to look through so many different producers in one place, and I think MyHigh.St accommodates this incredibly well. It really is a virtual high street, although without all the commercial shops which have taken over so many towns and city centres. MyHigh.St has of retailers and stores offering a huge range of interesting and quirky goods. The site is easy to navigate and search. I would highly recommend having a look for any Christmas presents you haven't yet bought. Click on the image below to be directed to their website.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but by writing it I am entering into a competition to be in with the chance of winning money to spend on MyHigh.St.