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Cat scratcher

We were recently sent a Rosewood Rimini Natural Cat Scratcher and a Mouse 'N' Sound wand toy for our two cats, Bruce and Bella. Since moving into our house last year, the cats have had little to no chance to scratch carpets, mainly because we have so few in this house. They have a scratching post, but it is a cheap one which falls over whenever they scratch it, so they don't use it.

Cat toy

What they say
Rosewood Rimini Natural Cat Scratcher
This is a great new cat scratcher from the Rosewood range.
The Natural Rimini scratcher is made from sisal, seagrass and jute and all entwined with lots of enticing catnip.
The scratcher also comes with a hanging feather toy for extra fun.
The design and colour of the scratcher means that they fit into our homes and look great with modern furniture.

Further Information:
Size: L31cm x W31cm x H52cm
Colour: Beige/brown

Mouse 'n' Sound
Mouse N Sound is a fantastic new cat dangler in the 'Ruff N Tumble' range by Sharples & Grant.
The mouse itself is made from soft fur, plush material and feathers and has an internal microchip that emits a realistic squeaking sound to drive your cat wild! Perfect for grabbing and chasing fun!
Ideal to promote exercise and interaction between owner and pet.

Good points
The feathers and bell which dangle are a great idea.
Sturdy, so doesn't easily tip over.
Good colours so doesn't look obtrusive or garish.
The wand toy means the children can play with the cats.
Both cats are really interested in playing with both the items we were sent.

Bad points
The rope has come away from the base after a week of use, but the cats have been rather violent with it.
The cats seem a bit perturbed by the squeaking noise from the Mouse 'n' Sound toy. The kids, however love the noise, and have taken to playing 'cats' on an hourly basis.

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