The Gallery - Morning

The Photo Gallery - Week 167

Ever since the boy started school, mornings are a blur. They happen so ridiculously quickly. We have to get the girl to the childminder's for 8.00, home for 8.15 and then everything else before we need to leave for school at 8.45. I rarely have time to eat any of my own breakfast, dry my hair or put on make-up. But every morning I take one picture, a good morning picture, which then goes on to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I love this moment. Often it is on the way up to the childminder's, sometimes it is from my bedroom, but always taken before 8.30am. It is a time to take stock. To prepare for the day. To realise how lucky we are to live here. Before I started blogging, I wouldn't even have considered taking a good morning picture, now I think I would miss it if I didn't do it. I have even given the childminder a book of a year of amazing pictures which I have taken on my way up to her house. Recently a few people have said how much they look forward to my good morning picture, which makes me feel very happy indeed.

So, this is my picture from this morning.

It was taken from my car on the way up to the childminder's and I really love the look he is giving me.

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