Week 75 - What has made me happy!

So, essays are in full swing and I am somehow managing not to have a breakdown, although I bumped into Lucy from Attic24 yesterday who gave me a very good pep talk! I think it is going to be OK. I have left enough time and I am now on the right track with the final essay. I just wish that at least one of them was already finished. My children have been playing really nicely together, which makes a change, and makes me happy. My daughter is getting cheekier by the day, but her quizzical face makes it all worthwhile. The boy has finally started actually wanting to write, which has been a huge battle since he started school. I got some time with my best friend this week and it was really amazing. We probably haven't been out together in over three years, maybe more, so it was a very rare occurrence!

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Library bookSheep sunrise
  • The smell of the books in the library at university. I have written about these books before, but they just smell amazing.
  • This inquisitive sheep made me smile. I love the way she is looking straight at the camera!

Yorkshire Dales SunriseClouds
  • Some epic skies in the past week. This beautiful sunrise was gorgeous.
  • And the sun beams peeking through this cloud look like something from Dr Who.

X Factor VIPX Factor
  • Going to X Factor thanks to TalkTalk. You can read my post here.
  • Hearing the contestants sing live was amazing. I thought Sam Bailey and Luke Friend were amazing.

10 billion
  • Actually reading a book that I was meant to for one of my modules. The train journey home gave me this opportunity, and although the book was rather depressing, I am glad I managed to read a book from start to finish!
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What has made me happy