Week 76 - What has made me happy

After the awful news about my Grandma this week, it is even more important that I concentrate on the little things which have made me happy. Having spent most of the week bursting into tears at the slightest thing, I am making sure that I make the most of every moment I get to spend with Grandma now. My sister and mum came up this weekend and we cancelled our plans to go to Blackpool and went to my Grandma's instead. It was all rather jolly, which surprised me. Grandma is carrying on as normal, still serving guest their breakfast, still gardening, still making beds. She is accepting of what is to come and I think that almost makes it easier for the rest of us. That said, I am still struggling to sing along to music (any music) without crying, and the depressing essay topics I am covering at the moment are really not helping matters.

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Yorkshire Dales sheepSheep sunrise
  •  Sheep. I have just discovered this new place to take pictures on my way up to the childminder's and I love seeing the looks on the sheep as we go past. My daughter thinks it's hilarious when they look at her! 
Fire surround from a skipFather Christmas Ingleborough Cave
  •  I found this fire surround in a skip on Friday and the builder carried it home for me. It is absolutely stunning and matches the cornice rose on our ceiling. What an amazing find, and absolutely free!
  • There have been positives though. We finally got a bed this week, after three months of sleeping on a mattress on the floor. 
  • We went to see Father Christmas on Saturday, which was good fun. He had a grotto at the bottom of a cave - who knew - and the kids enjoyed putting their helmets on and heading into the cave to find him. 
  •  Christmas decorations. I caved and put them up early. We are not getting a real tree this year because we are not going to be around, so have decorated this snowy bare branched tree instead. I quite like how arty it looks. 
  • I have one essay done and handed in, which is progress. Just two more to go and then I can relax a bit!
Sunset over the canal
  • This stunning sunset over the canal. The reflections of the golden sun on the canal looked fabulous.
  • A beautiful sunrise. Always a wonderful way to start the day.
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What has made me happy