Week 78 and 79 - What has made me happy.

This is a festive edition of What has made me happy. I have had very limited access to a computer or the internet over Christmas as we travel around visiting family and friends, so you are getting a double whammy this week! The run up to Christmas was tougher than I expected. Once my essays were in, I hoped that I could relax and make gifts for my Christmas hampers. As it turned out, my Grandma had a procedure the Tuesday before Christmas to stop her bowel collapsing. It was in Bradford rather than our local hospital so it was quite a trek to go and pick her up. I brought her home and assumed she would be fine. Unfortunately, she was quite poorly the next day, so I went to her house to be with her and help as best as I could. It was a bit touch and go for a bit as to whether or not we would be able to get down to Wales, but we managed to take her with us the Saturday before Christmas. I woke up the next day with a stinking cold and that stayed all throughout Christmas which was pretty rubbish. However, I have, as always, managed to find some happiness along the way, so here is what has made me happy over Christmas...

Handmade ChocolatesStrictly winners
  • Making chocolates for hampers. They were the only handmade thing in them this year because I simply didn't have time to do more. I also gave some to the boy's teachers.
  • My sister and I won Strictly Come Dancing at a party my aunt threw on the final.
pile of pistachiosgingerbread house
  • Christmas food. I love pistachios and as a family we got through a lot of them this year!
  • Decorating a gingerbread house with my children. I have to admit to not making it, but we decorated it from a kit and it was great fun. I was very pleased with the result too.
spinningDrive through a flood
  • Watching the children enjoy themselves in a soft play centre near my mum's. My daughter adores spinning around.
  • Managing to get through this flood. it was over two foot deep and went over the lights on our VW Golf. It scared me but the main road was shut due to flooding, so this was the only way back.
live Nativity walkCanal walk
  • We went on a nativity walk in the village my mum lives in which was great fun. My children both dressed as angels, although one was a dinosaur angel and the other was an angel teddy bear!
  • The sun finally came out on Christmas Day. It took its time so when it finally arrived it was wonderful.
opening Christmas presentsToo much at Christmas
  • My daughter opening her present from my mum. She got a tool kit and started talking in a gruff voice which made us all giggle.
  • My husband's reaction to his present wasn't quite the one we expected!
Flooded bridgeFlooded path
  • We went to my Dad's on Boxing Day and it was great to see everyone. The flooding continued there though, the first of these pictures was a bridge over the river, the second was a bridge over a tiny stream. It made me giggle when my son fell in and sat on his bum. 
Toddler nail varnishMorning frost
  • My daughter discovered her granny's nail varnish and did her nails by herself. I was pretty impressed, although she did spill a little bit.
  • A frosty morning. Although it's chilly, it is incredibly beautiful. I am pretty sure we will see more of this in the next few weeks.
Most of all, it has been wonderful to see all our family and some of our friends. It is amazing to see our children playing so nicely with their cousins who they so rarely see. 

I love to hear about what has made other people happy, the little things which we hold on to. 

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What has made me happy