Childhood Obesity Survey

I have had a productive week and finally managed to make a good start on my dissertation, which is on whose responsibility childhood obesity is. I wasn't sure what to do my dissertation on originally, but when I saw that one of the tutors specialised in childhood obesity, I thought that would be really interesting. It is a philosophy module for me, which again I wasn't too sure about, but now I am excited about it and I can see how I can get my teeth into it. I am making sure that I get it well under-way because, quite frankly, I am scared about running out of time.

The first part of the dissertation is for me to examine statistics on childhood obesity, and I am also carrying out my own survey, from which I shall draw my own comparisons. I would be really grateful if you could complete the survey for me. The only thing you need to have is children, aged between one and eighteen. Some questions may not be relevant, but just don't answer those ones!

The link for the survey is here and by filling it out you are also in with a chance of winning a £50 ($80) Amazon voucher.

I will share the results of the survey on my blog and obviously in my dissertation too. Your help would be greatly appreciated though. The higher number of responses, the better comparisons I can make!