Hive - a helpful new invention to make your life easier!

I am always on the lookout for things that will make my life easier. Tried and tested methods, new technologies, I am willing to give them all a go if it means that I have a little more time to spare every evening. Juggling full-time university, my son's pick ups and drop offs at school, my daughter at the childminder, washing, cooking, cleaning and blogging, I don't have much time. Full stop! As a student, I am also always on the look out to save a few money wherever I can.
I recently heard about Hive, an app which has the ability to control the heating and hot water in your home at the touch of a button on a screen or on your browser. Now, that sound like the kind of  helpful technology I could do with! Hive is a thermostat which is connected to your boiler at home. It costs £199, so doesn't come cheap, but I would imagine that you can very quickly get that money back through the savings it will enable you to make.

Hive app
You can update your settings through a tablet, smart phone, on a computer or via the thermostat itself. It is really useful if you are going to be home late, so want to change the time that your heating comes on.

A very clever element of this technology is frost protection, so if the temperature drops below 5°C, it heats your house up to a constant temperature of 7°C. This would be especially useful if you were away on holiday during the winter months, meaning that you wouldn't need to leave your heating on permanently. To find out more information about Hive Active Heating, have a peek at their website.

My only criticism is that it's a shame that it can't run the bath for you when you're on the way home! Luckily I have a husband who can do that for me after a tough day.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.