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The Photo Gallery - Week 172

Oxford United Joey Beauchamp

This picture was taken in 1997. My two best friends and I are standing with Joey Beauchamp, the star striker of Oxford United. From the age of 14 I was obsessed with football. I was 15 in this picture. I had a season ticket and rarely missed matches, either home or away. My best friend Louise and I followed Oxford everywhere. I loved it. We had a close group of friends who all went to games together. The pub opposite the ground served us without the need for fake ID, so we were definitely on to a winner.

I still love to go to matches when I can, although this is only once or twice a year now. It was a wonderful part of my life and only really slowed down once I had children. Football was my work experience, my first, second and third job and I adored it. 

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