The Photo Gallery: Something Beautiful

The Photo Gallery: Week 171
Something Beautiful

This week's Gallery theme got me thinking. We live in such a beautiful area and I would struggle to find just one picture which sums up how picturesque it is. I firstly opted for a picture of my daughter and my God-daughter watching Singing Hands last summer. It was such a beautiful moment, watching them holding hands, singing and dancing together. I have written about my God-daughter before, who was born at 23 weeks. She is amazing. Fierce, strong, independent and beautiful. I love how she took my daughter under her wing and looked after her that day.

Watching Singing Hands

I also decided I would put in a picture taken this weekend, which some of you may have seen in my Silent Sunday post. I took this picture on Saturday on a walk with my mum, husband and the children. The Yorkshire Dales are so stunning all year round and the scenery changes so much ever month. There was just something about this scene which invited me to photograph it. It's a field near my Grandma's house and I love it. As children we used to sledge on this hill and I love it there.

Yorkshire Dales dry stone walls

If all goes according to plan, this will be our view from July onwards! A beautiful view to look forward to.

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