Week 80 - What has made me happy

Before I get started, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! I wish you a wonderful 2014. We spent New Year's Eve at our friends house and it was a really relaxed atmosphere. It's the first year my husband and I have ever done anything other than spend time with family so it was a really nice change. We got the children ready for bed and then the eight adults all had a meal and a fair few glasses of champagne. The kids all thought it was great waking up in the same house as their friends! It was nice to feel well again, so I made the most of New Year. 

I then had a couple of days where the children went to the childminder's, so it meant that I got a decent amount of work done on my dissertation, which feels great. If you want to complete my survey on childhood obesity, you can do so here. The weekend was filled with children's birthday parties, which were great fun. The boy went to a party on Saturday and played with all his friends from school. It's nice that he is at an age where he can be left at birthday parties now. On Sunday both children went to a friend's third birthday party which had a bouncy castle, so they were well entertained!

Here is what has made me happy this week...

 Another sunriseCloud porn
  • After ten days away over Christmas, it was nice to be home again. Surrounded by hills and the beautiful views which I know and love. 

Hiding toddlerWatching badminton 
  • Watching my daughter 'hiding'. It was very hard to find her!
  • She is scared of balloons, so spent the birthday party sitting outside the room, watching badminton. She just looked so ridiculously cute sitting there in her lovely dress with her pigtails. 

Cats in fire engineBag of lychees
  • Finding the cats in the fire engine tent the children were given for Christmas. 
  • Lychee season! I love, love, love lychees. This 2lb bag will last me one afternoon. I love that I can buy them from the market in town and wander home with a bag full of deliciousness!

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What has made me happy