Week 81 - What has made me happy

Finally, the first week since I broke up where I have managed to actually relax a little and take life at a slightly slower pace. It was good. One day I even went for a nap at lunchtime, just because I could. We spent the weekend with my Grandma, who was definitely a lot better than she was at Christmas. She has her prognosis meeting this week, so we will know more after that. My best friend came up for a night this week and we have been planning our next family break together. I can't wait! It's so nice getting to see her more often.

It was also a week of change for our children. We had confirmation that the girl will start pre-school after Easter, which is huge! She is desperate to go though and I am just pleased they have a space for her. The boy has started after school club, which is big for him. It's just one day a week but it gives me so much more time to get university work done. His friends go too, so he enjoys it and I get some more work time. It's win-win.

So, here is what has made me happy this week...
Dramatic skies
  •  Dramatic skies first thing in the morning. It makes me happy to notice that it is slowly getting lighter a little earlier every morning.
  • Finally getting round to making our shower watertight. It had been leaking, but fingers crossed I have got it fixed now!
Cold Crabbie's warm fireCrabbie's Green Ginger Wine
  •  Cold Crabbie's in front of a warm fire.
  • Trying Crabbie's Green Ginger Wine with my best friend. Can you tell that I like ginger? 
Googly eyed binHappyland toys
  •  The kids putting googly eyes on the bin. It makes me smile every time I clean up!
  • Finding the children playing with their Happyland toys. It's pretty rare that they play so nicely, but this time they did.
Sunrise Yorkshire DalesFrosty sunrise
  • A beautiful frosty morning. The sunrise on Sunday morning was spectacular and I love the view at my Grandma's. 
Peter and Jane booksSnakes and ladders
  •  Getting out the old books at Grandma's to help the boy with his reading. I remember learning with these Peter and Jane books.
  • Playing snakes and ladders with the boy. He was so full of glee when I went down a snake! 
Yorkshire Dales sunset
  • This stunning sunset over the Yorkshire Dales. 
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What has made me happy