Week 82 - What has made me happy

We had some positive news about my Grandma this week. She is able to undergo chemo, which doctors had initially suggested wouldn't happen. It won't make the cancer go away, but it can extend how long she has left by an extra nine months, which has got to be worth it. She starts this week and is incredibly positive about getting started. 

I have had two of my essays back from before Christmas and they were good results, which I am pleased with. Especially given that I had pretty much no time to write them. Last week was my first week back at university and this term I am studying two economics courses, which is tough. I had forgotten how much studying economics hurts my brain. My poor brain. Two more terms and I never have to think about economics again!

Here is what has made me happy this week...

sunrise black cloudSunset
  •  It has been a week of dramatic sunrises and sunsets. It makes me happy just to see the sun, even if they are surrounded by dark clouds.
Yorkshire DalesPost box in dry stone wall
  •  This beautiful picture I took when out walking. You know that moment when you take a picture and know that it was just right. Well that happened!
  • This postbox in a dry stone wall. As a kid I used to wonder how they got the letters out of the back. It was only as I got older that I realised they used a key and open them outwards!
WharfedalePlaying in puddles
  •  The river wharf. I like being near water and throwing stones in with the kids. Luckily this time none of us managed to fall in!
  • My daughter made me smile by stopping at every puddle and poking a stick in it!
Full moonFlowering cactus
  •  The full moon this week was stunning. The skies were clear and it was bright.
  • This flowering cactus at my Grandma's. I love how vibrant the pink is, especially at this time of year, when everything else is so grey.
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What has made me happy