Week 83 - What has made me happy

It was meant to be a good week. It didn't go so well. 

On Thursday I burst into tears after my economics seminar. I literally didn't understand one thing about the module. I hate feeling so completely stumped. After a lot of organisation and pleading with the department, I managed to change modules. It took me practically begging the head of department, but it worked and I couldn't be happier. I already understand a fair amount of the new module, which is definitely progress.

On Friday my Grandma was meant to start chemo, but blood test results on the day showed that her kidneys are not functioning, so it looks likely that she will not be able to have chemo. An appointment with the consultant tomorrow will hopefully bring some good news, but I feel so deflated after the optimism from last week.

We have spent another weekend up with my Grandma. We're trying to see her every weekend. It was pretty cold there this weekend, but it is nice to be in such picturesque surroundings.

So, this week it has once again been very important to focus on the little things which make me happy, because so much around me has been tough to deal with.

Here is what has made me happy this week...

 First daffodilStunning sunrise
  •  The first daffodil. There is something special and hopeful about the first daffodil of the year. The promise of spring on the way!
  • An absolutely stunning sunrise. Something so spectacular can't help but make me happy. I also noticed earlier that Lucy from Attic24 posted an almost identical picture this week too. We must have snapped it at the same time.
DogtanianWet and windy Yorkshire Dales
  •  I left the ipad charger at home, so my daughter and I went to the charity shop in the village my Grandma lives in to find a DVD to watch. We found Dogtanian and I have really enjoyed watching it. I loved this as a kid! 
  • Even when it is dull, wet and windy, the Yorkshire Dales still look stunning!
Spinning at soft playHolding little hands
  • Watching the children spin around, run, jump and slide at soft play on Saturday morning. I thought I was mad taking them there, but it was good fun.
  • My little girl's hand in mine. She is so precious, and moments like these are ones to treasure!
 Economics calculusEconomics slide
  • At least I can now look at my lecture slides of the economics module I dropped and laugh! I still have no idea what is going on. Many people commented that the second one looks like my children drew on it. They didn't! So I can be happy that I am now doing something I understand more than this.
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What has made me happy