Cbeebies app update

This week we have been trying out the new updates to the Cbeebies app, which is available to download today. The first update is to the 'Make a picture' game, which has been given a new Swashbuckle theme. You can colour in various pirate pictures, including Line and Cook. 

Cbeebies app make a picture
Both children really enjoyed this update. They are both huge fans of Swashbuckle and have been ya haar'ing along whilst making their artwork!

Cook and Line

There is a new game in this update, which is Andy's Dinosaur Adventure. You get your own dinosaur which you have to look after. You need to feed the dinosaur and you can go on a walk with it and take pictures of all the other dinosaurs. I was impressed that they say the names of the dinosaurs as you see them and mentions facts about them. The walk part of the game is probably the hardest for younger players, although there is an option to touch the screen instead of walking around. I think if the had been playing on one of our phones then it might have been easier to walk around, but I didn't trust them wandering around with the ipad!

Andy's Dinosaur Adventure

At the start of the game you have just one dinosaur, but as you care for that one, you progress and get more dinosaur badges on your rucksack. You also get cbeebies bugs as you play the game.

Pick a dinosaur

Our absolute favourite part of the game was recording your dinosaur roar. We had an amazing time doing different roars and also doing some silly little voices. I giggled an awful lot whilst we were playing with this part!

Record a roar

My son has just been studying dinosaurs at school, so it linked in with his education really well.  The new update got a big thumbs up from both of our children and I had a lot of fun joining in with them.

Next week sees the start of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, which starts on Monday February 17th at 4.30pm on CBeebies. It is already set to series record in our house, so make sure you tune in!

Disclosure: We received a copy of the updated version of the Cbeebies app to try out before the official release today. This had no impact on this review, which is honest and fair.