Train for the tracks - National Railway Museum York

On Saturday we were invited to the National Railway Museum in York to try out their Train for the tracks half term event, which is on from the 15th - 23rd of February. We go to the Railway Museum fairly often, so we know what to expect. However, I always look forward to their events for children's holidays. To be honest, I sometimes wonder if I like the museum more than my children. My husband and I often say it would be nice to go there without children for once. We wouldn't leave them behind for a special children's even though!

United dairies train carriage

What they say

Calling all future engineers, signallers and train announcers! Discover your dream job on the railways during the February school holidays. Build a railway line, repair a train and get your flag and whistle at the ready when you become a Station Guard.

There are plenty of action-packed activities for the whole family to enjoy including safety sessions with the British Transport Police and hands on fun in our Chuggington play area. Apply for your future job and a fantastic free day now!

Learn about it!
Rocket to Bullet Science show
Find out how big things move fast – with the help of an elephant launcher and a cannon.

Drive It!
Chuggington play area
Let's ride the rails! Join Koko, Brewster and the rest of your favourite Chuggers in our Chugginton toy play area for the Under 6's.

Dress as a driver
Find out what it was really like to drive a steam locomotive by getting aboard our engine Teddy in light steam. Dress as a driver and pose for a photo with our fireman.

Build it
Construct a track

This building activity will give families the opportunity to use polyurethane and build a railway line out of sleepers, chairs and rail and then test it.

Keep it safe!
Rail safety with the British Transport Police

The British Transport police will be joining us onsite using fun activities to show how their job reduces incidents on railway crossings and trespassers. Please note this runs Monday-Friday only.

Direct It!
Signalling School

The Lancashire & Yorkshire signalling school will be open on both Saturdays (15th and 22nd). Younger visitors can also have a go at operating our NRM central signal box (everyday except Saturday 15th).

Manage It!
Station Announcer/Guard dressing-up activity
Be the voice of the station! Kids can dress up as a guard, wave a flag, and read the train announcements into the microphone.

My son enjoyed doing his fingerprints. Possibly because of the amazing range of colours he could use to do this with. Neither of my children agreed to dress up as the transport police though, I had to do that myself!

Both children really enjoyed the Chuggington play area. It kept them entertained and I was incredibly impressed that they didn't fight whilst they played. That very rarely happens at home!

The boy did agree to dress up and pretend to be a station announcer, although it was a bit busy, so he didn't get to actually make an announcement in the microphone.

Thank you very much to the National Railway Museum for inviting us along to the event. We had a wonderful time and I would recommend a trip this February half term. Some activities carry a small charge. We didn't try any of these.

Here is my vlog from the day.

Disclosure - we received a free lunch at the National Railway Museum in York for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on the review, which is honest and fair.