Week 84 - What has made me happy

This week was better. A meeting with the consultant means informed us that there is still one form of chemo which my Grandma can start. However, it will still be another week before anything happens. I am generally pretty impressed with the NHS, but Grandma was diagnosed on the 3rd of December. It is now the 4th of February and she still hasn't started treatment. For someone who has only been given 9-12 months to live, this is a very long time.

We have been away with friends this weekend, which was really good fun and definitely just what we needed. It was great to see our children playing together and generally getting along. 

I'm finding my new economics course so much easier than the last one, which makes a huge difference. At least I understand some of it, which is more than the module I dropped!

Here is what has made me happy this week...
Dry stone wallAlcohol in fridge
  • This view makes me smile. It's on the way to the childminder's and it makes me happy that I know my daughter is in such a lovely place.
  • Our not so child oriented fridge on our break this weekend! It was great to have a few drinks and relax.

Aquarium fishOn Lake Windermere

  • This exhibit in the aquarium always makes me happy. It is pitch black in there and the impact that the tank has is amazing.
  • A trip on Lake Windermere. It was rather rainy and a little bit choppy, but the kids loved it!

PenguinsFeeding the giraffes

  • Getting close to the penguins at the South Lakes Wildlife Park. I was amazed at how close you can get to them.
  • Feeding the giraffes. This was pretty amazing. They have incredibly long tongues!

  • Once again the blogging community has made me happy. This time with how they have come together to remember the anniversary of the death of Matilda Mae.
  • A beautiful sunrise. And actually getting to see the sun for once. We had one dry day at the weekend and it was amazing to be outside without getting wet!

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What has made me happy