Week 86 - what has made me happy

It was a week which ground to a halt very quickly. On Tuesday my son was sent home from school because he had been sick, so I knew that was him home until at least Friday. He hasn't ever been off sick from either pre-school or school. It was really nice to spend time with him though. As a result of him being home I got very little work done, which was rather frustrating. He went back to school on Friday and we made plans to go and see my Grandma. Unfortunately he was sick again on Friday evening, so we couldn't go to stay at Grandma's. Even though I am pretty sure it was just because he ate too much, we can't risk her getting anything whilst on chemo. So far, the chemo is going well, she hasn't felt too bad. I think it's a cumulative thing though, so she may well feel worse the more she has. I feel bad that we haven't been able to see her yet but I don't want to risk her getting ill whilst she is on chemotherapy.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week...
muddy toddlerPoorly painting
  • My daughter fell in a huge puddle (I did warn her) and it made me giggle. This is probably not something I should admit to. We weren't far from home though and she was soon cleaned up!

  • Painting with the boy. On the first morning he was at home he requested painting. I love watching him getting into different colours.
snowy dalessunrise
  • We woke up to a light dusting of snow which was completely beautiful. It was all gone within a few hours unfortunately.
  • Sun! The sun came up and stayed the right side of clouds for a whole day. It felt amazing to be getting outside and enjoying nature again.
Malham CoveScooting
  • We went for a walk to Malham Cove on Sunday morning. I took hot chocolate and marshmallows which we sat and drank underneath the rock face. It was a lovely walk and so nice to be outdoors.
  • Scooting. The boy has a new scooter and we now take it most places with us. It makes me happy seeing how much enjoyment he gets from it.

  • Living in such beautiful surroundings. Especially when the sun shines!
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What has made me happy